The current account that can help improve your credit score

3 out of 4 customers improved their credit score*

thinkmoney Current Account
  • Guaranteed acceptance** - No credit checks to sign up.
  • Hassle-free budgeting - Money for bills is kept aside.
  • No nasty surprises - Say goodbye to hidden fees and charges.
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It takes minutes to open an account

Open account Download the app

It takes minutes to open an account

All for just £10 per month

thinkmoney Current Account Trustpilot reviews

How can a current account improve your credit score?

Make sure your bills are paid on time, every time

It’s simple. The account is designed to set aside your money for bills, meaning you can’t spend it and they’re always paid on time. Everything leftover in the account is yours to enjoy. We know it works, three out of four thinkmoney customers** have already improved their credit score by opening an account.

Stay in control of your overall finances

Building a track record of on-time, in-full bill payments will increase a poor credit score over time. This current account isn’t magic, but it is fuss-free and takes care of the important things for you - so you don’t have to worry about tracking due dates, going over your limit or extra charges.

thinkmoney Current Account Trustpilot reviews

Easy, everyday digital banking

  • You can register on your phone in minutes. Your identity is checked with a photo and screenshots through the app.
  • Pay in money. It’s easy to alter where your salary is paid, just update the bank details with your employer.
  • No monthly minimum. Can’t guarantee a certain amount each month? That’s fine, there’s no minimum monthly deposit amount.
thinkmoney Current Account App thinkmoney Current Account App