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Bad credit loans

To get a free bad credit loan quote, complete our simple loan application form. We will search our panel of lenders and find the best loan plan available to meet your needs.

Find a bad credit loan with Ocean

If you have bad credit, finding a loan may be a difficult task. At Ocean Finance we specialise in helping people with a bad credit history - so if you need a bad credit loan, contact Ocean Finance for a free no-obligation quote.

A bad credit homeowner loan is a secured loan that is specifically designed for borrowers with a bad credit ratings. You may be affected by a bad credit rating if you have previously defaulted on a loan, have a CCJ against your name, have mortgage arrears or have failed to meet credit card repayments. Bad credit loans typically carry less favourable interest rates than some other loans, but they can be very helpful in terms of improving your credit history as long as you make repayments on time.

Ocean Finance will compare bad credit loans from the many different lenders on our panel to try and find a deal that suits your circumstances. Ocean Finance has helped over 250,000 homeowners to arrange a loan, many of whom had a bad credit rating.

A UK homeowner loan from Ocean Finance could be used to consolidate all your existing credit cards, store cards and unsecured loans, leaving you with just one convenient, manageable monthly repayment and cash to spare. It is important to note that extending the term of any finance may result in you repaying more interest over the term of the loan.

We have loan plans to suit people with good, fair and bad credit ratings. With loan deals specifically designed to help people with a poor credit rating, we are often able to help people find a loan even if they have been turned down elsewhere.

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