Weekend room makeover – top tips on how to transform a room in just two days

Weekend room makeover – top tips on how to transform a room in just two days

author: Sarah Symons

By Sarah Symons


If you desperately want to revamp one of your rooms but trying to do it all in one weekend seems like an impossible task, our how-to guide could help you. We’ll show you how pain-free and easy it could be.

Get Ready

1. Get inspired

If the room you want to makeover currently looks drab and boring then now could be the perfect time to inject some colour and life into it.

You may already have some ideas about how you want it to look but why not pick up some home magazines or start searching online for inspiration? If you go on Pinterest, you could search for your room type and any colour schemes you like, e.g. green kitchens or blue lounges. If you haven’t got a colour scheme in mind then you could just do a more general search. Pinterest is bursting with great craft ideas that you could incorporate into your room.

2. Keep, sell, give away or bin

Once you have picked a theme and have a rough idea how you would like the room to look, you need to think about which items of furniture and accessories you want to keep and which you no longer want. You could reuse them in another room, sell them on ebay or gumtree, donate them to a charity shop or throw them in the bin. It is worth considering upcycling too – a worn-out pine dresser might look lovely painted white and lined with pretty wall paper.

If you want to add some new pieces of furniture to the room, it’s a good idea to have a set budget to try and stop costs spiralling out of control. If money is tight you might want to scour charity furniture shops, car boot sales, ebay and gumtree to see if you can pick up a bargain. If you don’t mind spending some money then you could choose some statement pieces of furniture that have the wow factor. You may want to think about lighting, accessories, rugs, curtains and blinds too.

When it comes to the walls, you could choose to wallpaper, paint or a mixture of both. There are some lovely luxury wallpapers available, so if money is no object you could splash out on covering the whole room, or just create a feature wall if you’re on a budget. Paint-wise, you can get the exact tone you need to match curtains/accessories etc. by visiting a B&Q store and using their Valspar® Colour Matching service for free.

Get Steady 

3. Make a plan 

If you’ve only got two days to makeover your room then having a plan of action could really help you complete it on time. Why not make a list of every job you need to do and the time you are going to do it? You could enlist the help of a partner or relative, which might cut down your decorating time drastically.

Make sure you order everything you need so you can have it all ready to start on Saturday morning. You don’t want to have to keep popping to the local DIY store to pick up things you have forgotten. 

Top Tip:

Don’t forget to get dust sheets or newspaper to protect your floor, especially if you are going to be painting.

4. Prepare the room

Why not give yourself a headstart by removing all the furniture and accessories from the room on the Friday night so that you have all the space you need to get started straight away on the Saturday morning?


5. Stay focused

Try your best to stick to your plan and complete all your tasks in the allocated time. Try not to get distracted by the TV or suddenly decide to do some washing etc. If you do, you could find yourself running behind schedule and rushing to finish on the Sunday night. 

Don’t be tempted to bring any new furniture into the room until any paint has completely dried, just in case. You could play around with the layout of the furniture to see what looks best, positioning seating to make the most of any views from windows or French doors. Make sure you leave time to fix any photos or paintings to the walls before admiring your hard work and wondering what room to tackle next!

Good luck!

Disclaimer: All information and links are correct at the time of publishing.

author: Sarah Symons

By Sarah Symons

Weekend room makeover – top tips on how to transform a room in just two days Weekend room makeover – top tips on how to transform a room in just two days