Should you book any holidays for 2021 yet?

Should you book any holidays for 2021 yet?

author: Sarah Neate

By Sarah Neate

Ryanair is being investigated after the Advertising Standards Authority received more than a thousand complaints about the airline’s ‘Jab and Go!’ TV adverts.

The ads are said to be encouraging people to book a holiday now that the Covid-19 vaccine is being rolled out.

The advert, which has been aired frequently since Boxing Day, says that Covid vaccines are coming so “you could jab and go”.

It offers one million seats from £19.99 to hotspots in Greece, Italy Spain and Portugal to book for Easter and the summer holidays, adding that “if your plans change so could your booking”.

Some viewers complained that the advert was misleading as it suggested that the vaccine rollout would mean that travel restrictions would be lifted by the spring, while others found it offensive because it trivialised the impact of the pandemic.

On social media, the ads were described as ‘insensitive’ and that it was “disgusting".

Ryanair has responded, saying the ads were factually accurate, as two vaccines have been approved for use in the UK and confirmed that bookings could be changed without fees.

The ASA has launched an investigation into whether the advert has broken its rules and will publish in findings in due course.

Should I book now while prices are cheap?

With the new lockdown restrictions banning travel abroad for most people in the UK and with airlines and holiday firms cancelling trips abroad, should you book a break for later in the year?

While there are bargains to be had, before you decide to book:

  • Check the T&Cs about the travel firm’s refund policy.
  • Remember that airlines or holiday firms should refund you if they cancel your trip, but if you decide to cancel and the flight/holiday is still going, then the situation is less clear – though if it is illegal for you to travel you should expect a refund.
  • Even if you are entitled to a refund, it can take weeks for it to be processed – so you need to ask yourself: can I afford to wait to get my money back?
  • For a comprehensive guide to the main travel firms’ current refund/flight change policies, visit MoneySavingExpert.

If you do decide to look at travel later in the year, try this holiday hack to maximise your annual leave.

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author: Sarah Neate

By Sarah Neate

Should you book any holidays for 2021 yet? Should you book any holidays for 2021 yet?