#Screamhomes: Is your home haunted?

#Screamhomes: Is your home haunted?

author: Helen Cross

By Helen Cross


Our #screamhomes campaign has seen bloggers across the country celebrate Halloween by turning their homes into ghoulish delights.

We’ve had horrifying movie nights, devilish decorations and pumpkins galore; check out the hashtag #screamhome on Twitter to see the posts.

All this spookiness got us thinking: when house hunting, how do you know if your home is a dream home or a scream home? Inspired by our bloggers’ scary film nights, we embarked on a horror movie marathon in order to compile the ultimate list of red flags when you’re buying a new home.

Old houses are a no-no

Old houses have an undeniable allure: all high ceilings, creaky floorboards, rattling windows and nooks and crannies. However, if you believe Hollywood, they’re also more likely to be haunted. According to the movies, you should avoid any house that has a lengthy history – there will almost certainly be something ghoulish in its past. Think you’re safe in a new build? Don’t relax too soon, your new home could be built on cursed grounds a la The Conjuring and Poltergeist.

However, don’t despair! If this sounds like you, in keeping with horror movie “law” you will definitely find some old videos/documents/photos somewhere that will conveniently explain everything about any ghastly event your house has ever witnessed.

A strange inheritance or an estate agent who’s after a quick sale

Have you inherited a grand estate from a mysterious benefactor? Maybe your curiously nervous estate agent is pushing a ‘too good to be true’ deal on you? Our celluloid counterparts frequently rush into housing deals that just seem off, only to discover that there is something nasty in the woodshed. Remember, always do your research.

Spooky artefacts

Did the last family leave your prospective home in a hurry, taking everything but an old painting? Do you ever get the strange feeling that the painting is watching you, even smiling at you? You guessed it; it’s haunted. This also goes for old dolls and cracked mirrors – both of which have seen a resurgence in film recently.

How to spot your ghostly apparitions

Technology is a gift to ghost hunters. Recent cinema releases have focussed on surveillance videos and “found footage” to capture ghostly spirits, so surely the next step is ghost hunting by app? Luckily, we don’t have to look to the movies for this one as there are currently a number of ghost hunting apps on the market. Check out ‘Ghost Radar’, which measures quantum fluctuations around your device to highlight any ghosts in your vicinity, or Ghost Observer which goes so far as to display said ghosts on your screens. 

Now, if you excuse us we’re off to hide behind the sofa.

The #screamhomes campaign was brought to you by the Ocean Homeowner Loans team. If you’d like to take part in a future campaign email [email protected].

Disclaimer: All information and links are correct at the time of publishing.

author: Helen Cross

By Helen Cross

#Screamhomes: Is your home haunted? #Screamhomes: Is your home haunted?