5 ways to ensure your property is autumn-proof

5 ways to ensure your property is autumn-proof

author: Bryony Pearce

By Bryony Pearce


his weekend, why not get your property ready for the colder autumn days by following our top 5 tips?

September might have passed you by but there’s still time to get your home autumn-proof.

1. Check your heating

Your heating will most probably have been out of action for a few months over summer, so it is worth checking it is in good working order before the weather turns. To check everything’s in working order, turn your heating on and the thermostat up and give the system time to get going. Then, go round and check your radiators to ensure they’re all heating as they should, and that there aren’t any leaks or cold patches.  You may need to bleed the radiators if there is air in the system.  Now is also a good time to book a service for your boiler.

2. Clear your pipes

With the leaves falling from the trees, your drainpipes and gutters are more prone to a blockage so check them regularly throughout the autumn and, if needed, spend some time removing any leaves or debris. Fail to do this and your gutters could overflow – and water running down the outside of your house could cause damp inside. 

3. Examine your roof

Carefully inspect your roof for any missing, broken or loose tiles. As the weather begins to turn, these kind of problems can result in leaks which can turn into an unexpected home décor job to fix! Remember to check the roof again after gales or storms.

4. Tend to your garden

To prepare your garden for winter, clear out any weeds, stray leaves and other debris you come across. It might also be worth raising any plant pottery above ground level to prevent waterlogging, and insulating any fragile plants to protect them from the frost – bubble wrap is great for this.

You might also want to shelter – either indoors, in a shed or just cover it up – any garden furniture to ensure it don’t get damaged during the weather conditions winter brings. If you’ve got “toys” in the garden such as a trampoline make sure that they are secure and can’t blow over, potentially damaging them, your house, or your fences.

5. Check your insulation

To save energy (and money) and help keep your house warmer, check that your loft is adequately insulated, and that it isn’t allowing heat to escape from your home. During the chillier months, you’ll want to remain warm and comfortable in your home without paying more than you have to, so be careful not to waste valuable heat!

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author: Bryony Pearce

By Bryony Pearce

5 ways to ensure your property is autumn-proof 5 ways to ensure your property is autumn-proof