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Who did Win the Tin?

Thanks to everyone who nominated and all of you who voted…we have our winners…

Check out the social buzz for the competition here: #WinTheTin

1st Place

Count The Kicks


2nd Place

Millie's Trust


3rd Place

The SuperJosh Brain Tumour Charity


There’s always next year!

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Count the Kicks

In order to prevent stillbirth we raise awareness and educate mums about the importance of monitoring baby movements during pregnancy.

Find out more here.

Millies Trust

The advancement of health and saving of lives by providing education and training in First Aid.

Find out more here.

The SuperJosh Brain Tumour Charity

Helping Josh give help & hope to children with brain tumours, post-surgery disabilities and others along his journey.

Find out more here.

Win The Tin Information

We made our name helping people to find loans and wanted to lend a hand to some really deserving local charities.

That’s why we asked you to nominate your favourite worthy cause - the organisations doing great, unsung work in your community for a chance to win £5,000.

Altogether 200+ charities were nominated and over 114,000 votes were cast. So we owe a massive ‘thank you’ to everyone who joined in.

There’s amazing work being done in communities the length and breadth of Britain!